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While there is still plenty to choose from in Chicago, the nightlife is a little more diverse than the weekend revelers who flock through the city's bars and nightclubs on a Friday or Saturday during the fall and winter months, but the nightlife is still an important part of Glenview, a small town of about 2,000 people that is overflowing with weekend revelers. The evening distractions are as varied as the cities themselves, with destinations specialising in everything from live music, food and entertainment to art, art and music. There are live shows every night, and that can be anything from thrills to full body movement - at a dance party with live entertainment.

And don't forget the UP Comedy Club, which hosts nationally renowned comics and improv comedy shows. The live music programme is packed with events such as the long-running Poetry Slam and Glenview Music Festival, as well as a host of other events.

Cocktails are cheap and will be cheap, but if you want to enjoy them at a table, come there before the band continues to play and enjoy a cocktail while they play their first notes. If you want a table, go to the cash desk - only in the morning and enjoy cocktails while the bands play. Bingo is followed by karaoke, with top prizes ranging from $1,000 to $2,500 in cash, as well as prizes for the best singers and dancers.

Enjoy a salon-themed cocktail and then dance the night away to a live DJ and a fun theme party. Plan a visit at 8 p.m. on Thursday and Saturday to enjoy a DJ, and Friday's happy hour includes half - suggested prices for $4. Visit the lively lounge and plan your visit for Thursday or Saturday.

For those who don't care about the other half of the world, this is the popular vintage arcade bar, which offers weekly themed trivia and psycho bingo. The two-level bar is known for its live music, but if you're not on it, you can sip craft brew in the beer garden. For others, playing is great for the night, people go to the replay at Lincoln Park, and replay trivia Thursdays means beer specials. With pinball, air hockey and billiards, it's great to be there and it's a great place for those of us who aren't interested in video games.

Built in 1921 by Anheuser-Busch, this is a great place to watch a live band from the outdoor terrace, reminiscent of something you might find in Wrigleyville, but with a much larger courtyard. Built in 1920 by an An hehe user of the beer garden, it's a good place to watch live bands from an outdoor terrace that's reminiscent of something you'll find at Wigwam's or the Chicago Fire Department's Memorial Stadium.

LaGrange, ILPalmer Place - Palmer locals used to be a beer bar in the days when a good selection of beers meant having a few imports. Palmer Place, a local pub in Palmer, was once a beer bar, where you could find good beers and a selection of local beers, but also many craft beers from local breweries.

Firkin's Cemented - Firkin's, a suburban oasis known for snapping up some of the best craft beers that get stuck in the suburbs and don't have to suck. ILIN, ILPalmer Place - Palmer locals used to like their local beer bar, but now it's a restaurant and bar.

Kush's Hookah Lounge - Kush's Shisha Lounge offers some of the best cigars in Glenview, as well as a wide selection of other drinks, as well as a variety of snacks and a wider mix of music. Best Nightlife recommends: Green Mill is perfect for those who appreciate live jazz in a casual, stylish atmosphere. River North is jam jamming, and there is even a dance club serving alcohol-soaked salons. We recommend: While the dress code is casual, the Joy District offers everything you could wish for - surprise performances, live music, good food and drink and more.

Demographic data show that Glenview is a great place for families to raise children, and the median age in Glenview is 45, which is below the national average of 46.5 years. The Illinois 4-H has been behaving in the past year and is getting stronger, with more than 3,000 members in 4th grade and up.

There is something to enjoy here, regardless of age, from lakeways to fountains and kindergartens. No matter what your age, you will find something to enjoy here, from lakes, hiking trails, water fountains to kindergarten. Whatever your age, you'll find something to enjoy here - from lakes and trails to water features, kindergartens and more.

There's not much to notice, but the colourful cast of local characters is more than enough entertainment. Slippery Slope promises a fun evening in Glenview with a variety of food and drinks. Tourists need to be close to their hotel to choose between the River North nightclub in the heart of downtown or one of the many drinking spots. As you walk down the stairs, you will find a colourful selection of restaurants, bars and shops, as well as an eclectic mix of live music and food.

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More About Glenview