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A proposed health care bill that would regulate, among other things, the mobile sale of food and beekeeping has not yet received approval from the Glenview Village Board, but people are already waiting for its impact. The local council has recently been working on the regulation, which primarily provides for the updating of the Health and Hygiene Regulations. If the new regulation is adopted, which is likely given the initial admission of villagers, the village could ease other existing restrictions.

For example, the regulation would require beekeepers to have their own water source for beehives on their property. The proposed regulation would also regulate the placement of a hive on a person's property, limit the number of huts depending on the size of the property and restrict access to the hive. In addition to food trucks, the scheme would also cover home composting, farmers markets and beekeeping. A menu proposal for a seasonal farmers market could be approved by the village based on a review of the farms and their operations.

All food vendors must be approved by the village inspection department and are responsible for submitting a completed application. For special events where food or beverages are offered, an application for a special permit from the village's food and beverage department and a permit for a food truck must be completed.

Glenview requires that people involved in sealing pavements have a permit to use products used to seal the pavement. Participants must operate within the boundaries of the village parking lot and within a certain distance to other vehicles.

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Most of Glenview east of Pentecost Road is part of the North Shore Mosquito Abatement District (847 - 446 - 9434). This spans the area from North Lake Shore Drive to the Chicago River and includes parts of Oak Park, Oak Lawn and Lakeview.

John Stiglmeier is the only beekeeper in Glenview licensed by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the agency that records beekeepers in the state. He will study horticulture at Mississippi State University next year and will be the bee's primary caretaker.

The draft regulation provides that food must be prepared in a licensed facility, which Bak says could be a truck. The two communities of Glenview and Oak Park, which have recently embraced the food truck trend, are already active. Beavers had an agreement with a local bakery that allowed them to sell doughnuts and coffee from the truck, Wiesen said. He said the company is licensed as a caterer in Chicago, but employees are not allowed to cook doughnuts for the trucks.

Evanston was willing to let the beavers operate their trucks, but brick-and-mortar stores also need mobile vendors. Wiesen said the truck would sell coffee and donuts as well as a variety of other items, including ice cream. On a recent visit to the city's Public Safety Bureau, Wieden and Nuccio had to take inspectors to their trucks, which were decorated outside with a beaver eating a donut.

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